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“A hilarious date movie for couples of all orientations. Tongue firmly in cheek, Madeleine Olnek’s lesbian sci-fi comedy lovingly spoofs the black-and-white B-movies of yesteryear. Sure to become a staple of festival midnight-movie programs” -Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter

“Sweet, funny, clever comedy seeks crossover” would be the Craigslist come-on for “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same,” and it may well come true via Madeleine Olnek’s wry homage to ’50s sci-fi, urban dating and interspecies romance.”Codependent” could pass as a family film, given the right family. But small arthouse and huge DVD/VOD seem more likely…. The pic’s seat-of-the-pants aesthetic recalls “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and the interplanetary paranoia of its genre; the odd-couple romance (and a scene near the Queensboro Bridge) suggests Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”; the parallel storyline of two government agents (Dennis Davis, Alex Karpovsky) is a little bit “X-Files.” But Olnek’s sensibility is singular, and the work of the cast — notably the sweetfaced Haas and the hilariously robotic Ziegler — make for a movie that seeks, and earns, affection.” -John Anderson, Variety

In “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same,” Madeleine Olnek’s witty ode to urban love and shoestring sci-fi, a lonely Manhattanite and an exiled extraterrestrial find interspecies contentment.  On the Earthling side is Jane (a perfect Lisa Haas), a sweet, unlucky-in-love store clerk surviving on fantasies and regular therapy. About to realize those fantasies is Zoinx (Susan Ziegler), one of three female aliens whose overabundance of “big feeling” is believed to be destroying their planet’s ozone layer. Bald as eggs and with gills secreted beneath their Elizabethan collars, the aliens hope to save their home by getting their hearts broken — a task at which humans are thought to excel. Who knew “The Bachelorette” was beaming into outer space? Photographed in crisp black and white by Nat Bouman, this enormously likable movie keeps sexual politics on the back burner and the universal search for connection front and center. The budget probably had trouble stretching to a box of tinfoil, but the film’s pleasures are in the details, like Jane’s casual warning to “watch out for the syringes” when she and Zoinx ponder a Coney Island swim. … Ed Wood would have been proud.” - Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“‘Codependent…’ is silly, cheesy and surprisingly enjoyable. As goofy and singular as its look-twice title…[“Codependent...” is] a memorable curio.” – Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“Screwball comedy reaches earth in black-and-white in Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. On a budget that could barely get you on the subway, Madeleine Olnek gets laughs and style out of interplanetary love…In a year when Sundance celebrated the king of those movies, Roger Corman, [she] has found a place in the same satirical constellation.” – David D’Arcy, ScreenDAILY

“As such, like the very best comedies, Olnek’s are tinged with pain…Now Olnek has proven that she can make an important film without having to make a dramatic one…And while Olnek can brilliantly maneuver a script that both slices and entertains in a satirical breath, there are moments of pure, unfettered comedy, from the absurd to the slapstick, that feel classic and even quotable…As the aliens move with great difficulty through their new lives in New York City, their wit is so sharp that the original concepts and jokes become even funnier as the movie progresses. Olnek’s grasp of her comedic arc is enviable. She sustains, and even pushes the laughs further, with each successive one-liner. One hopes that Madeleine Olnek will continue to work in the feature realm, and that her future films will be as hilarious as this one, our sides splitting open further with each sucker punch of ugly truth.” — Holly Herrick, Filmmaker Magazine

“Why She’s On Our Radar: Her debut feature, the hilarious black-and-white sci-fi romantic comedy “Codependent…” charmed the pants off critics and audiences at the Sundance Film Festival where it world premiered. The film’s since gone on to slay at a slew of festivals”– Nigel Smith, indieWIRE

“Dispensing with realism, melodrama, and suffering, writer–director Madeleine Olnek’s Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same makes a return to cheesy, 1950s-era science fiction: black-and-white footage, Twilight Zone sound effects, and all. …Olnek’s pointed jokes and sweetheart ending mark Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same as a modern-day lesbian fairy tale.” –B. Ruby Rich, “Film Quarterly”

“Not down to earth at all (and all the better for it) was the wacky, Woody Allen – inspired Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, a black and white riff on 50’s schlock sci-fi, starring, of course, a lesbian space alien.  You’d be hard pressed to find a flick more dedicated to its bizarre (and wonderful) vision this year” — Danielle Riendeau, AFTERELLEN.COM

“Inspired silliness… satisfyingly incongruous—and slyly subversive” –Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice

“You probably haven’t given the sexual orientation of aliens much thought lately. (If you have, maybe there’s some esoteric fetish you should let us in on.) Thankfully, director Madeleine Olnek (Hold Up, Countertransference) has done the thinking for you, and come up with a short film that mixes the best parts of 1950s B movies and New York City romantic comedies: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. The plot centers on three lesbian aliens from the planet Zots, who journey here to rid themselves of any romantic emotions through heartbreak (on Zots, much like Craigslist, romance is extremely undesirable). Of course, the aliens are immediately smitten with all the fetching Earth women, and heartbreak and hilarity ensue. The 75-minute, 2D, black and white film will be playing all week in Brooklyn’s reRun Gastropub Theater. But given the success the movie’s had at Sundance and other festivals, it could make its way to Netflix or the Sundance Channel in the coming months.” – Jon Roth, OutMagazine

“There is absolutely nothing to fault in this supreme intergalactic farce and is a triumph of a closing film for the Iris Prize Festival 2012. It will have you crying tears of laughter and begging for more cheesecake.” – James Waygood, So So Gay

“Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same embodies Sundance and all its aspirations…with gravitas, and (*gasp) heart.” -Salt Lake Magazine

“”Straight” from Sundance, CLSASS might just be the most hilarious film of 2011.” -Brandon Judell, Culture Catch

“Hands down one of the funniest films I have seen all year…There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that CLSASS is destined to become a midnight cult classic.” – Don Simpson, Film School Rejects

“Hilarious”- Bitchin’ Film Reviews

“Seriously funny”- Velvet Park

“The film tries to be pessimistic and optimistic, humorous and serious, ironic and earnest, a gay film straight audiences could appreciate. In other words: a surefire cinematic disaster. But with an ear for dialogue as sharp as her aliens looking for love in all the wrong spaces, director Madeleine Olnek hits the mark with this send-up of lesbian dating culture (alienation, get it?) packaged as a B-movie spoof.” -Philadelphia Weekly–125156644.html#ixzz1SnrbeoeC

“Aided by wonderful cinematography that brings to mind Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” Olnek clearly has a real affection for New York. Her deadpan style and sympathy with life’s losers and outsiders brings to mind Jim Jarmusch’s landmark indie film “Stranger in Paradise.” “Space Aliens” is not only a worthy successor to that film, but it plants Olnek in the very best tradition of Downtown Manhattan indie filmmaking. Olnek takes her obviously very, very low budget and uses it for some nice, Ed Wood- like effects. She’s also helped by a very talented cast. As someone who normally rolls his eyes at the pretentiousness of most indie films, I was pleasantly surprised by “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.” – Edge

“Codependent is an entertaining mashup of 1950′s sci-fi spoof and romantic comedy… you don’t have to be a lesbian to relate to a culture that makes you feel alien. And that’s the brilliance of films like Olnek’s’…. I am hopeful that the arrival of exciting new
filmmakers like Olnek and Rees ["Pariah"] will mean many more films with lesbian content that offer alternatives…And that’s good news for anyone who wants to see a wider breadth of stories about our lives, about human lives.” –Joan Lipkin, MS. Magazine Blog                                           

“Madeleine Olnek’s debut feature has some of the deadpan delivery, single-take timing and wry visual humor of early Kevin Smith—that is, if Jay and Silent Bob wandered into an East Village gay bar screening an Ed Wood double feature. The film pays cheerful homage to cheapo sci-fi B-movies of yore, but remains surprisingly grounded when chronicling its characters’ romantic exploits. Olnek inserts a baseline recognition of her script’s absurdity while playing the individual scenes largely straight. In this way, Jane and Zoinx’s low-key romance feels at once comically distanced and charmingly accessible: a knowing celebration of accepting your partner’s idiosyncrasies with a wink and a smile. Olnek’s good nature extends beyond her characters to the larger milieu. She and DP Nat Bouman take time to leisurely track through the streets of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, capturing bodegas and apartment buildings in fleeting black-and-white glimpses. For a film concerned literal and figurative alienation, it’s a pleasing irony.” -ALT screen

“Sweet and hilarious…a lovely, quirky, comic fantasia, with a beautifully understated performance by Lisa Haas as the sweetly codependent lesbian who’s fallen in love with a space alien.  Filmed in a sort of Ed Wood, low-budget camp sci-fi style, Codependent offers a fun queer evening at the movies…Codependent ends up being a sweet, funny love story in which two deeply “different” women triumph over their odds”   — Jill Dolan, The Feminist Spectator

“[Madeleine Olnek] exhibits an intuitive talent and sophistication that can put more “professional” names to shame…Ms Olnek appears to have the gift for taking the hoariest cliches of both the sci-fi genre and the rom-com and infusing them with new life via a combination of charm, honesty (particularly in the performances) and a now-and-then surprise. The writing is crisp and often clever…and the acting — which ranges from the necessarily bizarre (those space aliens) to absolutely real and dear (the leading lady, beautifully portrayed by Lisa Haas) to another smart and well considered stint by the increasingly versatile Alex Karpovsky.” – James van Maanen, Trust Movies

“A film comedy of such seeming simplicity and charm!” – Janet Coleman, WBAI Radio

OUTFEST Special Programming Award Citation: “For her witty and creative vision, her skill at eliciting memorable performances, for deftly blending old school science fiction and deadpan comedy, and for believing that true love exists even if it means going to another planet to find it.”

AUDIENCE AWARD 22nd Melbourne Australia Queer Film Festival

FRAMELINE Outstanding First Feature Honorable Mention Citation: “Madeline Olnek’s smart, laugh-out-loud funny ode to B-movie aesthetics and the thrills and hazards of the contemporary big-city dating scene, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same deserves the jury’s Honorable Mention for its snappy script, inventive filmmaking trickery and hope for love beyond earthly boundaries.”
San Francisco Bay Times:

New York 1 picks “Codependent…” as top weekend event!

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Codependent is “warm, witty, irresistible and has its heart in the right place.”


INTERVIEWS (note: The Interviews Below may contain spoilers)

SEEKS SAME” Rooftop Films Blog
“Tonight, as Gay Pride weekend kicks off in New York City, we present the New York premiere of Madeleine Olnek’s Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Hailed as “a hilarious date movie for couples of all orientations” by the Hollywood Reporter, the film is a delightfully campy send-up of 50’s sci-fi b-movies. We spoke to Madeleine about what lesbian space aliens have to teach us all about our romantic lives, and the value of a funny title.”

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